Leandro Nunes de Castro is a professor at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He is the director of the Natural Computing Laboratory, where he works on the development of computing tools based on natural phenomena to solve complex real-world problems. He has been in Salamanca since January to work with the BISITE research team.

Natural Computing can be used to analyze the data used by researchers in the study of neural behavior; for example, to study the electrical signals that can predict whether a person will experience an epileptic seizure...

With only four months to go, the FUSION 2014 Conference, which will be held July 7 – 10, 2014 in Salamanca, continues with the preparations required to ensure its success.

FUSION is an international event which features the participation of hundreds of experts in Computer Sciences from around the world specializing in the management and optimization of data. Each year the conference is held in a different city, and on a different continent. After being hosted in Chicago 2011, Singapore 2012, and Istanbul last year, the event returns to Europe and will be held, for the first time, in Spain.

Professor Hyun Yeo, Sunchon University, Korea, visited the University of Salamanca to learn about current research conducted by the BISITE group in which ambient intelligence systems and smart cities are applied to the real word by automating the exploitation and creation of ICT systems for the management and tracking of farming practices. Both universities are participating in a collaborative program financed by the VII Framework Programme of the EU.


Yves Demazeau, French researcher at the LIG Computer Science Laboratory in Grenoble and External Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, has visited Salamanca to work with the BISITE research team. Having edited 22 books or proceedings and authored or co-authored 143 scientific publications, he is known worldwide as one of the fathers of multiagent systems, which have been the focus of his research for the last 23 years.


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