The Big Data Alliance (BDA) is a collaborative space arising from the Horizon 2020 MATRYCS project and designed to solve practical challenges related to the management of buildings throughout their lifespan, using the analysis of large datasets. Although initially designed to focus on buildings, the Alliance is also open to growth and the inclusion of other thematic groups, such as energy, water or transport, following the same processes, thus ultimately covering all possible aspects of sustainable development.

The importance of establishing institutional unions of this type is evident in order to achieve a series of common objectives that can favor the development of ideas that can be applied by companies and have a positive impact on society. For this reason, at the BISITE Research Group, we have always tried to offer our support in this type of initiatives through our large group of experts. Thus, we are also part of other institutional associations of great national and community importance, such as Smart Sea or AgrarIA.

Up until now, the European alliance in Spain was formed by the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca, AIR Institute, IoT Digital Innovation Hub and the Campus La Salle of the Ramón Llul University; and by ICLEI-Local Councils for Sustainability (European Secretariat), Eurac Research (Italy), Beyond (H2020 Project), EPU-NTUA of the National Technical University of Athens (Greece) and Plutinsus (Switzerland).

Last week this consortium held a session consisting of a welcome to the new partners; RISE- Research Institute of Sweden; Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Energy Environment (France), and the CRES - Centre for Renevable Energy Sources and Saving (Greece), which was followed by a review of the latest activities and two presentations, one on sustainable urban development and the other on predicting the use of hazardous materials in construction through data mining.

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