LIFE Vía de la Plata is a project that seeks to create a green infrastructure and improve ecosystem services in Salamanca. To report on the progress of each of the points of action, a website has been developed where the main milestones of the project will be uploaded as it progresses.

The presentation of the image and the new website took place at the Salamanca City Hall and was led by the Councillor for the Environment, Parks and Gardens, Miryam Rodríguez.

On the project website you can view the general aspects of the LIFE Vía de la Plata: presentation, objectives, actions, impacts and expected results or scope of action. It also provides details on the six areas of the town in which the project will be carried out and the types of actions to be taken. will also be a space for participation, which is a key aspect of the project. Citizens will be able to look up the scheduled activities, participate in surveys, ask questions and make comments directly on the website. The project involves the development of an App, through which citizens will be able to collaborate and monitor progress by sharing news about the flora and the fauna they find along the new green infrastructure in Salamanca.

LIFE Via de la Plata plans to do the following:

  • Plantings to improve urban connectivity.
  • Installation of planters and green screens on balconies, walls and terraces.
  • Creation of tree surrounds.
  • Actions to promote the improvement of ecosystem services in urban gardens contiguous with the EDUSI TORMES+ project.
  • Placement of nests for hawks and other small birds.
  • Construction and installation of spaces and structures for the enhancement of auxiliary fauna such as dry walls for reptile and amphibian shelter or bird nests.
  • Making use of nature-based solutions to respond to various societal challenges such as climate change.
  • Butterfly oases, naturalization of existing meadows and tree pits.
  • Improving the permeability of compacted soils for vegetation enhancement.
  • Spaces that improve permeability and the natural water cycle through the use of different techniques such as sustainable drainage systems (SUD's), rain gardens and permeable pavements.


LIFE Vía de la Plata is an excellent initiative designed to turn Salamanca into a sustainable city, and at BISITE Group we are very pleased to be able to participate and contribute our knowledge in terms of research and technological development.

You can learn about all the project activities and progress at


Co-financed by the LIFE Program of the European Commission.

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