Energy efficiency is the key to protecting and caring for our environment. A change in our habits can significantly reduce the impact of consumption and emissions. The residential sector accounts for 45% of total energy consumption. In this respect, it is necessary to propose solutions to promote the sustainable use of energy.

The BISITE Group is working on a project called CHange and anaysis of consumeR behaviOur at sMart hOmes via Social MachinE (CHROMOSOME), which aims to develop infrastructure that will foster a change in the behaviour of residential energy consumers towards more efficient habits, without compromising their comfort. The goal of the initiative is to use Energy Efficiency (EE) ICT tools. To this end, a standardised IoT-based platform is being developed for energy efficiency.




The platform analyses energy-related data from smart meters, smart home devices, public data and data from user interactions on social networks.

It also runs euro-symbolic artificial intelligence algorithms; the platform learns the patterns that indicate efficient lighting and heating patterns to maintain user well-being while reducing energy consumption.

CHROMOSOME strives towards a 15 to 30% reduction in energy consumption and emissions. Pilot tests are being carried out in Social housing in Salamanca is being used to carry out pilot tests which involve deploying sensors.

This is an important project that is supported by the Foundation Salamanca a Town of Culture and Knowledge within the Talent Attraction programme of the Salamanca Town Council.

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