Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in many areas, its use has and will continue to improve efficiency, accuracy and prediction in different processes. In the connected industry, AI is a valuable asset in manufacturing, logistics and prediction of anomalies.

Predictive and preventive maintenance helps prevent failures that may arise in the production chain, causing delays, unexpected downtime and, therefore, costs. In this regard, AI plays an important role in industry 4.0, providing valuable data.

Projects like PRODUCTIO, carried out by the BISITE Research Group, provide innovative solutions in business digitalization. The main objective of this project is to research different technologies, techniques, tools, methodologies and knowledge aimed at increasing the operational capacity of industrial processes within the framework of the connected industry.

At BISITE, apart from coordinating projects aimed at improving the quality of operations, we are committed to training and improving the digital skills of professionals who are enrolled in our courses, such as the Master in Technologies Applied to Industry 4.0 at the University of Salamanca.

Enrol before September 4th and get a 25% discount.

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