Creating smart and sustainable cities is a challenge faced by many countries today. Cities have the highest population concentration and therefore consume the most energy, pollute the most and generate the greatest greenhouse effect. As a result, it is necessary to create solutions that help protect our environment.

Technologies can help us mitigate the negative impacts of cities and, at the BISITE Research Group, we are working on different projects that are in line with problem. One of our projects involves a gas module that is responsible for auditing up-to-date data on combustion pollutants and environmental parameters. Various sensors and communication modules will be used to quantify the levels of polluting gases (CO2, NOx, etc.) as well as other parameters that are essential for comfort, using the latest sensor, control and automation technologies available on the market.

Proyecto Bisite

The sensing module measures temperature, humidity, pressure, luminosity, noise and air quality. It also measures flue gases, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, nitric oxide, nitric dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and dust.

All of these indicators can provide us with important data for timely action, while helping us come up with solutions in accordance with the specific problem. A great opportunity to improve our environment and therefore contribute to the development of Smart Cities.

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