CENIoT (Formation of a European Consortium for the Promotion of IoT Technology) is a project assigned to the BISITE group for the elaboration of a proposal within H2020, which will allow to continue the development of EU-wide projects.

The University of Salamanca is not only recognized for being one of the oldest Spanish universities but also for its research spirit. Our group works on several lines of research focused mainly on new technologies.

The CENIoT project seeks to promote the international leadership of the University of Salamanca in Internet of Things (IoT) R&D projects of excellence, promoting the coordination of a European proposal for the development of innovative solutions and enabling technologies for the exploitation of IoT data.

Specifically, we aim to develop systems for the extraction and analysis of relevant information that can add value to citizens, companies and institutions, using this information to create solutions that improve the services and the quality of life. The CENIoT project is financed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, with reference EUIN2017-88638.

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