Last week, the IV Innovation Conference of the Community of Security for Users (CoU Spain) took place with Industry and Academia. This event organized by the Ministry of Interior (SGSICS) and with the support of the Innovative Ecosystem of PESI.

Our colleague Javier Parra, participated in the conference where he presented the work of the BISITE Research Group in this discipline, the related projects and masters and the C1b3rWall Academy initiative that we organize together with the National Police. 

Javier Parra during the presentation at the CoU Spain conference.

The event was attended by a leading European delegation in the field of Security and Technological Research, as well as representatives of the CDTI (Ministry of Science and Research), and a large group of experts. 

Javier Parra introduced the attendees to major projects such as CYBERSEC, a multi-sector and multidisciplinary R&D Consortium, formed by 8 leading technology and infrastructure management companies, led by VODAFONE and supported by five leading research organizations in Spain. 

Javier Parra during the presentation at the CoU Spain conference.

In the academic field, we have been offering a Master's Degree in Cybersecurity for the past 10 years in collaboration with various companies and active professionals that provide a real and practical vision of cybersecurity today, training more than a hundred students over the years. 

Javier Parra during the presentation at the CoU Spain conference.

Finally, he shared with the attendees the excellent response we have experienced to the C1b3rWall Academy program; a training program coordinated by the BISISTE Group and the National Police, which includes videos with lectures, debates and interviews with experts, as well as complementary documentation. More than 40,000 people from different countries participated in the 2021/22 edition.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important technologies of our time and at BISITE we work to promote it and boost knowledge in this area. 


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