The BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca is organising a Masterclass with José María Tejeda, the technical director of Tadeo Jones and the chapters of Love, Death + Robots vol. 3: Jibaro and Three Robots. The talk will be streamed on our Youtube channel this Thursday 23rd June at 17:00.

José María Tejada, better known as "Chispi", besides being a teacher in the Master’s Degree in Digital Animation coordinated by the group, he has worked as a technical director for studios such as Lightbox Animation Studios, PinkmanTV or B-Water Studios. Throughout his career he has participated in international productions such as Animal Crackers or the Tadeo Jones saga. Currently, his name can be found in the closing credits of two episodes of the acclaimed Netflix series, in which he has demonstrated excellent technical and aesthetic skills. .

Chispi has been collaborating with BISITE since the beginning of the master’s degree. He has been preparing experts for almost 15 years, many of whom have participated in important national and international productions. During the Masterclass we will have a relaxed conversation with him so that he can tell us about his role in these productions and explain to us how the 3D animation industry is currently evolving in film post-production and the challenges for the future in this field.

We will learn first-hand about the process followed in the animation of Jibaro and 3 robots, what it is like to work with such powerful figures in the industry as the Oscar-winning Alberto Mielgo or the difference between working for a national film production like Tadeo Jones or for a production designed for the digital medium and adapted to the Netflix model. In addition, the masterclass is open to all questions from the public. We look forward to learning about Chispi’s favorite films, his inspiration, and the audiovisual content he finds irresistable.

We are sure this will be a very fruitful meeting for those who are interested in specialising in this area and for lovers of animation, cinema or video games. 

We look forward to seeing you on 23 June 2022 at 17:00h CEST.

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We share with you some of his latest projects.


Tadeo Jones 3: La Tabla Esmeralda

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