A Masterclass: "New techniques to identify signature and digital document forgeries", organised by the BISITE Research Group, e4you and the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, was held yesterday.

The talk was given by three renowned experts in the field: Oscar Francisco Díaz Santana, Roberto Moreno Dillón and Federico Baudino. Professionals specialised in documentary expertise, forensic reconstruction and forensic intelligence who presented various techniques and tools for the identification of forgeries of signatures and documents.

The Masterclass lasted more than two hours, in which more than 300 people participated live and in which more than 2000 views were recorded in less than 24 hours. We were accompanied by people from different latitudes, but mainly from Latin America, where the speakers are very well received.  

Techniques for identifying signature forgery

Óscar Francisco Díaz Santana, CEO of the Canary Islands Institute of Criminological Analysis and adjunct professor at several universities explained "The revised graphoscopic method, adapted to new technologies for the recovery of digital signatures".

For his part, Roberto Moreno, expert in Forensic Intelligence, spoke about technological evolution and its impact on human behaviour, both online and offline in his lecture on the use of digital documents, electronic, digital and digitised signatures in public and private institutions.

Finally, Federico Baudino, specialist in forensic reconstruction, spoke about the identification of graphic gestures with the use of software, answering whether software could replace the scientific method of study.

This training will be complemented by other content available on the e4you platform. Participants will be able to continue learning free of charge and they can request a certificate with a total number of hours, issued by the University of Salamanca, e4you and the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca.

Expert in documentary evidence

These activities are carried out as part of the Expert Degree in Documentary Evidence at the University of Salamanca. This training trains specialists in documentary evidence, handwritten, printed and digital documents. The degree consists of 36 ECTS (900 hours) and is taught online, under the guidance of Dr. Angélica González Arrieta.

For more information, please click here.  


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