Technological evolution over recent years (Internet, www, electronic commerce, wireless connection etc.) has led to a new paradigm of "computing as interaction". Under this paradigm, computing is something that is carried out through the communication between computational entities. In this sense, computing is an inherently social activity rather than solitary, leading to new forms of conceiving, designing, developing and managing computational systems. One example of the influence of this viewpoint is the emerging model of software as a service, for example in service-oriented architectures.

Nowadays, having software solutions at one's disposal that enforce autonomy, robustness, flexibility and adaptability of the system to develop is completely necessary. The dynamic agents organizations that auto-adjust themselves to obtain advantages from their environment seems a more than suitable technology to cope with the development of this type of systems. 

PANGEA is a service oriented platform that allows the implemented open MAS to take maximum advantage of the distribution of resources. To this end, all services are implemented as Web Services. Due to its service orientation, different tools modeled with agents that consume Web services can be integrated and operated from the platform, regardless of their physical location or implementation.


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