Cybersecurity plays an important role at this time, the COVD-19 crisis has led many companies to replace their daily routine with telework. E-commerce is saturated with orders and more transactions are being made online. In short, there is more online activity and we are generally at greater risk of becoming victims of cyber-attacks.

The information that used to be shared at face-to-face meetings is now discussed at video conferences, in e-mails or spaces in the cloud, and is therefore more vulnerable. Some companies are aware of this and have therefore expanded their online security strategies, but a large percentage continue to not only put their own information at risk but also, on occasions, that of their customers.

Phishing fraud has increased, and its creators do not only go after companies; the common citizen is also often a victim besieged by cyber-criminals. According to a CheckPhish report, in March, the total number of phishing sites increased by 235 percent since February.

Máster en seguridad en internet

As citizens, we must use some techniques to try to avoid certain types of fraud. The companies and institutions that do not employ computer experts specialized in those areas will have to consider making a change, if they do not want to become a part of the large number of cyber-attack victims.

This crisis shows the importance of technology, but also how unprotected we can be in such situations. The Master's Degree in Internet Security offered by the University of Salamanca is an opportunity to train specialists that will help stop this type of situation, in addition to creating strategies to improve Internet security.

Pre-registration for 2020/2021 is now open. 25% discount for the first 5 students registered in our master's degrees!

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