The times in which we live make staying safe on the internet crucial. What we do online does not stay shielded from fraudulent activities which include robbery, identity theft, system or software hacking.

Although today’s society has generally more confidence in online transactions, our vulnerability to being robbed online is still an underlying concern for the majority. In fact, recent Europol statistics indicate that 66% of transactional crimes were committed without a credit or debit card and the number of such cases increases.

Phishing, or identity theft, is one of the most common crimes, it is done by redirecting users to websites that are very similar to the original ones, with the aim of obtaining their personal data to commit frauds. This occurs frequently in the financial sector with online shopping.

Consequently, it is important that technological developments go hand in hand with security solutions. For this reason, an increasing number of people are interested in acquiring knowledge in this area, they know that such professionals are highly demanded by both companies and individuals working on personal projects.

Professionals in this field are highly demanded by both public and private institutions. We must remember that data have the value of gold, this is why some individuals search for faults in the system to take possession of them. Organizations therefore have a big responsibility to protect these treasures.

Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, Mobile Device Safety, Secure Applications Development, Blockchain, are some of the subjects that make up the study program offered to students doing the Master’s in Internet Security, in the University of Salamanca. It is organized by the BISITE research group with the collaboration of different specialist companies in the sector.

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