The BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca is organising, together with the University of Caldas (Colombia), the "Sustainable Smart Cities and Territories International Conference" (SSCt2023) from 21 to 23 June 2023 in Manizales Colombia.

SSCt2023 is an open symposium that brings together researchers and developers from academia and industry to present and discuss the latest scientific and technical advances in the fields of Smart Cities and Territories. 

Today, as vast amounts of data become available, the challenge is to identify smart and adaptive ways of combining information to create valuable insights. Sensorisation has played a key role in collecting data which once analysed on IoT and smart city platforms, has helped to optimise numerous governance decisions and optimise resource consumption. This conference will be an excellent opportunity to bring together ideas for smart cities. 

This year's SSCt features some outstanding speakers, who will be giving talks on new technologies in smart cities, including Dr Yves Demazeau, research director at the CNRS since 1988 and visiting professor at the SDU since 2002. Yves Demazeau has played a pivotal role in the development of multi-agent systems (MAS).

 Dr. Carlos Fernando da Silva Ramos, who was the founder and former director of GECAD (Research Group in Engineering and Intelligent Computing for Advanced Innovation and Development, UIDP/00760/2020), an R&D unit which has been classified as excellent by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, will also participate.

Topics of interest at SSCt2023

Some of the topics of interest for SSCt2023 are as follows:

  • Success stories and challenges of smart cities and territories;
  • Smart homes and buildings;
  • Smart infrastructures (grid, 5G, networks, lighting, water and waste);
  • Smart urban mobility and smart transport systems;
  • Smart health and emergency management (epidemic control);
  • Smart environments;
  • Smart travel and smart tourism;
  • Smart manufacturing and logistics;
  • Smart urban governance;
  • Ecourbanism, urban resilience and climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • Energy and climate policy;
  • Smart traffic control;

In this regard, submissions of new ideas, relevant reviews and updates of previously presented papers, project abstracts and PhD theses will be valued, see other topics of interest here.

The SSCt2023 programme will include keynote lectures, a workshop programme and a PhD consortium. We invite you to submit related papers; accepted papers will be included in the SSCt2023 Proceedings. At least one of the authors will be required to register and attend the symposium to present the paper for inclusion in conference proceedings. All accepted papers will be published by LNNS Springer Verlag.

Here is a video presentation of SSCt2023. 

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