Salamanca is the host of the 19th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (PAAMS) and of the DECAI, ISAMI, MIS4TEL, PACBB, DECON and Blockchain congresses. More than 200 researchers and professionals from different areas have gathered online and in person at the facilities of the Archbishop Fonseca College, from Wednesday, October 7 until today, October 8, to discuss the latest advances in the areas of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, and others.

The conference is organized by the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca, in collaboration with institutions such as Nanyang Technological University, Malmö University, University of Delaware, Kyoto University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Purdue University, TU Clausthal, Czech Technical University in Prague, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, CNRS, KU Leuven and Umeå University.

The PAAMS Conference and the congresses held jointly each year bring together specialists from different countries who present and discuss the latest scientific advances and their real-world applications. Moreover, the events foster technology transfer. The PAAMS Conference returns to Salamanca, after previous events had been held in Oporto (Portugal) and L'Aquila (Italy).

The inaugural speech has been delivered by Yves Demazeau, senior researcher at CNRS Grenoble (France), with a lecture on "Building Practical MAS Applications Using the VOWELS Method".

Yves Demazeau, durante la ponencia de inauguración. 

The event featured a number of stimulating presentations, including "Affective Agents for Social Good", by Vicent Botti, director of VRAIN (Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence) and "How to Trust a Machine?", by Iyad Rahwan, director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. The content included workshops and demonstrations framed within the main themes of each of the congresses.

Various awards were presented, including an IBM award for the best application in artificial intelligence.

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