From 4th to 6th of June, the University of Salamanca welcomes PAAMS: an international congress about Artificial Intelligence where Geminoid HI-4, the fourth version of the ultra-realistic robot capable of talking and showing happiness and concern expressions trough facial motions, will participate actively. The android has been created by the team leaded by Hiroshi Ishiguro, full professor at the University of Osaka and also leader of the Advanced Telecommunications Laboratory with his name in Japan.


In fact, Geminoid HI-4, will be one of the main speakers at the congress where its creator, professor Ishiguro, together with Dr. Kohei Ogawa, will offer one of the most expected performance by using the android to transmit their proposals about advanced studies related to humanoids and androids.

Interactive Robotics is one of the most advanced investigation lines in the use of the agent technology, which is in charge of organizing the relationship among different elements in a system controlled by software. Geminoid has cost $ 1,3 million and it has been created from a silicone mold of his creator and using real hair. With the development of this kind of robots, researchers want to use that interaction to know more about human behavior and the relationships with others.

PAAMS is a reference in the investigation about the use of the agent theory and multi-agent systems in different application scopes. Since 13 years ago the congress takes part in Salamanca where, for this edition, more than 300 specialists from all over the world get together to exchange knowledges and generate new ideas about this novel technologic paradigm linked to the Distributed Artificial Intelligence.

The use of agent technologies is precisely one of the keys of the research activity in BISITE, where they are currently working in the national and international project context.

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