The 17th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband ICUWB’2017 will be held from the 12th to the 15th of September 2017,  in Salamanca, Spain. This event, one of the most important in the field of Wireless communications, will be organized by the BISITE Research Group from the University of Salamanca. This year, the main theme of the conference will be Smart Cities and Industries.

Candidate presentation for the organization of the conference took place in October of last year, in the city of Nanjing (China). It was guided by Juan Manuel Corchado, the director of the group, his good work and  numerous meetings held with the executive committee of the conference, belonging to the IEEE Society on Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, brought good results and made it possible for this world-renowned event to come to our city.

It is expected that Salamanca will host more than 300 visitors from all corners of the world, they will come to participate in the conference. Salamanca will be all about wireless communications; placing the town in the spotlight of the scientific community and global innovation. 

ICUWB provides a research forum for the latest breakthroughs and developments in high frequency broadband technologies and the fields they can be applied to, through different types of waves and even light transmission (LiFi). The forum will also talk about wireless optical bands, without any restriction in scope to the standardized radio interface technologies commonly called UWB (Ultra-Wide-Band). The conference program offers a wide range of technical sessions including plenary sessions with world-class researchers and round tables with experts in the field of wireless broadband technologies.

The central theme of the event, "Smart Cities & Industries", has not been a random choice. The growing concern for the development of efficient infrastructures that would improve the quality of citizens´ life, gave this field world-wide attention. Research carried out by many individuals has led to numerous breakthroughs in recent years. All this has been the reason for the choice of this topic. In addition, the BISITE Group has rich experience in research on this branch of knowledge. Many different projects have been carried out on this topic, for example, SPECTRA (Smart Personal CO2 Free Transport in the City) or SURF (Self-organizing sensors and biometrics architecture for dynamic vehicle control in smart cities), work on the involved multiple publications that were of high impact in the academic field.


The BISITE Research Group continues to work in order to ensure that this edition of ICUWB is a memorable experience for all attendees. We hope it places Salamanca in global focus and will make it an important place of research in the field of wireless communications and not in the field of Smart Cities & Industries.

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