This week, our colleague Sergio Mulas conducted a virtual workshop on "Digital Resilience: Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence" as part of the Ciberia Project. During the time he shared with the attendees, Sergio guided them through a series of essential topics that form the basis of digital security in the current context.

A number of topics were covered during the knowledge pill:

  • Cybersecurity Concepts: the fundamentals of cybersecurity were broken down, providing a clear understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities we face in the digital world.
  • Awareness: the attendees discovered the importance of constantly watching out for any potential cyberthreats that may arise.
  • Cyber intelligence and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence): the attendees discovered a technique for gathering and analysing information that is publicly available. Unlike other forms of intelligence, OSINT is based on information that is accessible to anyone, without the need to use illegal techniques or invade the privacy of others. 
  • Practical examples: Sergio illustrated to the participants how to immediately apply all the concepts learned, allowing them to learn first-hand about how to enhance their digital security.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Salamanca Chamber of Commerce for counting on the BISITE Research Group for events like this. And to all those who were present during the talk, we can only say... thank you for attending!

Finally, for those who were unable to participate, the CIBERIA Project will continue to offer resources and opportunities so that everyone can strengthen their digital security.

Stay tuned for upcoming CYBERIA activities and continue to strengthen your digital resilience.

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